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Conquer Participation Agreement


Conquer Group Participants: Please read and sign this Participation Agreement, indicating that you have read and understood the purpose and parameters of Conquer Groups and the moral and ethical obligations of leaders.

I understand that every attempt will be made to guard my anonymity and confidentiality in this group, but that anonymity and confidentiality cannot be absolutely guaranteed in a group setting.

  • I realize that the group coordinator or leader cannot control the actions of others in the group.
  • I realize that confidentiality is sometimes broken accidentally and without malice.

I understand that the group coordinator or leader is morally and ethically obligated to discuss with me any of the following behaviors, and that this may lead to the breaking of confidentiality and/or possibly intervention:

  • I communicate anything that may be interpreted as a threat to self-inflict physical harm.
  • I communicate an intention to harm another person.
  • I reveal ongoing sexual or physical abuse.
  • I exhibit an impaired mental state.

I understand that the Conquer Group coordinator or leader may be a mandatory reporter to authorities of sexual conduct that includes minor children, the elderly or the disabled.

I have been advised that the consequences for communicating the above types of information may include reports to the proper authorities: The police, suicide units or children’s protective agencies, as well as potential victims.

I further acknowledge that if I am on probation and/or parole and I engage in wrongful behavior in violation of my parole/probation, part of my healing/recovery may include notifying appropriate authorities.

I understand that this is a Christ-centered group that integrates recovery tools with the Bible and prayer, and that all members may not be of a particular church background. I realize that the Bible may be discussed more (or less) the way that I would like it to be.

I understand that this is a support group and not a therapy group and that the coordinator/leader may be qualified by “life experience” and not by professional training as a therapist or counselor. The coordinator/leader is a volunteer, whose role is mainly to host the Conquer Series and create a climate where healing may occur, to support my work towards recovery, and to share my own experience, strength and hope.

I hereby pledge that anything discussed in my Conquer Group, among group members and the group leader, will remain confidential. I pledge not to share any personal information to anyone outside of the group, unless any of the above criminal activities is involved.



Please understand that this online group is video-driven and discussion-oriented over Zoom. Only registered participants can have access. During the discussion portion of the group, you will be required to have your camera on. Further you need to be in a secure location to protect the confidentiality of the other participants. Please be sure the background is not a distraction to others. Please download the app on your computer and be sure you are familiar with the use of the platform. You will receive a link for the meeting.

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