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Global Outreach Trip Participant Contract

Please read this contract carefully. It is a commitment you are making.

  • As part of this team, I realize I will be expected to take an active role.
  • I will make it a priority to attend all meetings, trainings, and participate in all team activities. I realize that lack of participation in scheduled meetings could be cause for my removal from the team.
  • I will keep good communication with my team leader. It is my responsibility to let my team leader know, before an event, if I am unable to attend, and obtain any information I would have missed from the meeting.
  • I will respectfully submit to my team leader, realizing that God has appointed him/her to this position.
  • If I have a personality conflict with a team member, I will go directly to that person and make things right. If we are unable to settle our conflict, the matter will be brought to the team leader then to the Global Outreach Pastor.
  • I will seek to promote team unity and respect for the leadership. I commit to not cause division among my team members.
  • I will keep a good Christian witness at all times and in all places. I realize that failure to keep my Christian witness could be cause for my removal from the team at my own expense.
  • I agree to a "no dating" policy while on this mission trip. I promise not to initiate or seek new romantic relationships while on this team.
  • I realize that as a team member, I am responsible for all of my trip and personal finances. I personally take responsibility for the funding of my trip.
  • I will meet all financial deadlines set by the Global Outreach department. If my account is not at the required amount by the required dates, I will personally make up the difference or drop from the team.
  • If for any reason I drop from, or am removed from the team, all funds collected on my behalf, after the pre-determined deadline, will defray the cost of the rest of my team.
  • Any refunds issued will be pre-determined by the Global Outreach and Executive pastors of Cornerstone Chapel.
  • I will refrain from using tobacco or alcoholic beverages for the duration of the trip, and I will also abstain from any illegal drugs or prohibited activity.

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