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Youth Worship/AV Commitment

I, , as a member of the Cornerstone Chapel Youth Worship Team, understand the following commitments:

  • I will commit to practice the weekly worship songs on my own time and make sure that I am ready for rehearsals.
  • I will attend all required rehearsals and I will contact my worship leader as soon as possible if I am unable to. I understand that if I miss a rehearsal, I will not be allowed to play for the following service unless there is a legitimate excuse.
  • I will reply to Planning Center requests in a timely manner and block out the days I will not be able to serve if I know ahead of time. I will not “Decline” on Planning Center the day of a service I’m scheduled for except in emergency situations.
  • I will be open to suggestions and comments from my youth leaders. I will respect the opinions of my fellow worship team members and encourage them.
  • If I have any suggestions or concerns about how other team members are playing or behaving, I will speak directly to either Nathan, Pastor Tyler, Pastor Barrett, or Pastor Ben.
  • I understand that being a part of this ministry means that I am required to live above reproach and will be held accountable to biblical standards, which means not participating in things that would cause those around me to stumble. This means displaying appropriate behavior in my dating relationships, wearing modest clothing, and not smoking, doing drugs, drinking, swearing, or posting inappropriate or questionable content on social media.
  • I will respect the dress code when I’m scheduled for worship (no shorts on stage for guys or girls, no yoga pants, and shoulders should be covered).
  • I will regularly attend my respective youth services even when I’m not scheduled for worship.

Before you sign below, please show this document to your parents and have them read it as well.

I understand that my youth leaders care about me and that their first priority is to see me grow in the Lord, to hold me accountable to these commitments, and to be a support for me. I know that being a part of this team means that I am a part of the church’s ministry and represent Christ.

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